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Our mission is to help businesses through a series of practical steps, to ensure their workforce feels safe, supported and fit for duties. Your team is our team.

Injuries are costly!


Safe Work Australia data suggests that over 50% of Workers’ Compensation claims are musculoskeletal injuries1. A musculoskeletal injury potentially costs a business on average, 5.8 working weeks in lost time and $11,500 in compensation. This figure does not include worker replacement costs, productivity losses, medical expenses or increases to the business’s premium for the next 3 years. Many of those injuries are preventable or easily treatable for a positive resolution.


At Summit Industry Health, we understand the importance of preventing costly injuries and looking after your most precious asset, your workforce. We will partner with your business to deliver fast and effective onsite treatment and advice for musculoskeletal injuries when they occur in your workforce. Our highly trained Allied Health Practitioners get straight to work resolving any issues before they turn into injuries.


Don’t let musculoskeletal injuries become chronic complaints, treat niggles onsite and stop injuries progressing. Our team can set a weekly, fortnightly or monthly onsite treatment day, to create a continuous and strategic approach to injury prevention.



Our business solutions work.

The best injury is the one that never occurs. That is why we compile, analyse and report monthly on injury trends, hotspots and potential risks in your business.


Take the next step on the journey from reactive to a proactive and preventative organisation.  


Other proactive initiatives include:

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Pre-employment Screens

Functional Movement Screens

Health and Wellness Check-Ups

Ergonomic Assessments

Manual Handling Training

Supervisor Education Programs

Working at Heights Assessments

Forklift Driver Assessments

Preventative Stretching Programs


We are passionate about proactive workplace solutions, which is why our customisable proactive programs are designed around your business needs, and budget.



We are here to help


1 Information taken from the Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics, 2014-2015 (Revised July 2017).

Our Vision and Purpose

Summit Industry Health is in business to safeguard your workforce. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe, supported and cared for at work.

Our Mission and Approach

Our mission is to help businesses through a series of practical steps, to ensure their workforce feels safe, supported and cared for at work. Your team is our team.

Our Values

We value flexibility and customise a support and strategic program to suit your business needs.


We value honest and transparent communication, we give it to you straight.


We value accountability, your team is our team.


We value follow through, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.


We honour value for money and guarantee quality.


Our Management Team
Alexander Buck 
Managing Director

abuck@summitindustryhealth.com.au |

Formally trained in Allied Health, Alex has personally diagnosed, treated and provided injury management advice for upwards of 18,000 consultations. Alex has invaluable experience in a vast range of industries and their requirements. Alex's onsite industry experience includes working within manufacturing, retail, warehousing, distribution centres, mines, quarries, abattoirs, dairy product production, wineries, city councils, shire councils, cemeteries and memorial parks across Australia.


Accredited as a Case Manager within the legislative requirements of the Workers Compensation Scheme, Alex is experienced in compliance, privacy, record keeping, Return To Work obligations, medical management, premium calculation, medico-legal reports, payments and the assessment of reasonable and appropriate medical and like services. Alex is an expert in Functional Capacity Evaluations and has provided numerous reports for Australia's leading businesses.

Nastashia Schoo 
National Account Manager

nschoo@summitindustryhealth.com.au |

Nastashia is passionate about developing healthy workplaces, with healthy workers. Trained formally in Allied Health, Nastashia is astute and empathetic to the nuances of every work site.  Customer service and attention to detail are strong focus areas for her. Trained corporately in risk registration, ranking, assessment and treatment plans, Nastashia can identify immediate areas for improvement.

Nastashia was also formally trained within a WorkSafe accredited insurer, working in leadership roles across medical management, injury management advice, account management and business improvement. Nastashia additionally holds a Diploma of Personal Injury Management.

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