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Our proactive and preventative focus towards workplace health and well-being has lead us to categorise our services under three main headings: Worksite Services, Workforce Services and Business Services. 

Worksite Services


 Are solutions that can address the potential risks associated with your worksite. Services such as Risk Assessment and Hazard Management and Manual Handling Training.


Workforce Services 


Are solutions designed to address particular risks or to initiate positive programs within your workforce. Services such as Onsite Treatment and Advice and Pre-Employment Screens.


Business Services 


Are solutions that tackle injury management from an over arching operational strategic view. Services such as Customisable Proactive Programs and Premium Reduction Solutions.

Our experience working within and our comprehensive knowledge of the Worker's Compensation Scheme has equipped us with the ability to understand the significance an injury can have on the operational aspects of a business and it's bottom line. Our extensive onsite experience and vast industry know how has allowed us to positively influence the outcome of countless workplace injuries and workplace risks.

All Services

Assessing Ongoing Job Suitability

A healthy workplace has a duty of care to ensure the health and well-being of their workforce. Don’t run the risk of an aggravation or new injury in an individual who may not be able to physically perform their role. Create a safe work culture that prioritise risk reduction.

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Customisable Proactive Programs

We are passionate about proactive workplace solutions, that is why our Customisable Proactive Programs are designed around your business needs and budget. Turn your business from a injury reactive to injury proactive with a team that supports you. Make informed evidence based decisions about the health and safety of your team.

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Ergonomic Workstation Assessment
Functional Capacity Evaluation

Do you have a team member who is unable to perform their full role due to concerns for their health and safety or a team member who has a terminated worker’s compensation claim? We evaluate your staff member in approximately 3 hours and provide you a comprehensive evidence based report, with straight forward recommendations.

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We will guide you and your team on the most ergonomic setup for their workstation and will leave them with the knowledge and information to be able to it themselves. Stop preventable injuries. Our Ergonomic Assessments take approximately 30 minutes to conduct and comprise of a comprehensive debrief with a report of findings and recommendations to follow.

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Virtual Ergonomic Assessment
Health and Wellness Check-Up

Summit Industry Health can offer your team online, virtual and individually tailored ergonomic assessments. Our virtual Ergonomic Assessments will include a detailed report with any individualised corrections made on the day as well as list any further recommendations for that particular individual's workstation setup.

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Your team will receive a thorough medical check-up whilst at work. Establish a health baseline for future initiatives with assessments taking as little as 15 minutes. Catch health problems in your workforce before it catches up to you.

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Functional Movement Screen
Injury Hotspot Solutions

The Functional Movement Screen is a series of standardised tests to evaluate an individual’s global movement patterns and abilities. You can assess a small group or quickly assess an entire workforce for potential risk of future injury with assessments taking as little as 15 minutes to complete.

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When you team up with us we will help you to identify the injury hotspot areas within your business and develop targeted solutions and strategies to address those areas. Track exactly where, how and what type of injuries are occurring within your workplace. Reported injuries are often just the tip of your iceberg.

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Hiring the Right People Solutions
Onsite Treatment and Advice

We are here to help you hire a healthy team. Our customisable comprehensive Pre-Employment Screen will thoroughly assess the candidate’s ability to perform the physical demands of the role. Our testing ensures that you’re placing the right candidates into the right roles. Increase productivity and reduce injuries through enlisting our Pre-Employment Screens.

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The convenience of receiving regular treatment for your team at your worksite is second to none. Reduce time lost, create a health focused culture whilst maintaining business objectives. Onsite treatment makes great business sense. Invest today in your most valuable asset, your team.

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Manual Handling Training

Our Manual Handling Training is comprised of 2 modules that can be tailored to your business needs and budget. Prevent unnecessary costly WorkCover claims by creating an educated workforce focused on injury prevention. Invest in your most precious asset, your workforce. You can customise this program and offer 1 module or both, the choice is yours.

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Pre-Employment Screens

The comprehensive Summit Industry Health Pre-Employment Screen will extensively test the candidate’s physical ability to perform the inherent requirements of the role they have applied for. A comprehensive Pre-Employment Screen takes approximately 15- 30 minutes.

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Predictive Risk Management

Our business solutions will help you reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries in your team. We will help you identify and develop targeted solutions to the health risks your currently face in your business. Evolve from reactive to proactive and preventative.

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Preventative Stretching Program

Our customised Preventative Stretching Program is designed to ensure that your team is warmed up and ready to work. With 50% of WorkCover Claims in Australia being musculoskeletal injuries, decrease your risk of preventable costly injuries. Create a safe work culture that prioritise risk reduction. 

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Premium Reduction Solutions

Over 50% of WorkCover claims in Australia are musculoskeletal injuries, our programs can help your business reduce that risk. We will help you improve your workforce engagement and retention through creating a health focused proactive injury management culture in your team. Team up with someone who has a track record of getting results.

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Suitable for Duties Assessment

A Suitable Duties Assessment is a concise and effective assessment in order to determine the suitability for a worker returning to work after a personal injury or when transferring into a more physically demanding role. This assessment can take around 15 minutes to complete, with the report provided the following day.

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Risk and Hazard Management
Support for Forklift Driver

Our Risk Assessment and Hazard Management Programs are what your business needs to take a proactive approach to work place risk and injuries. Our team come to your site to observe whilst your team perform their duties. You will receive a detailed report identifying any roles or duties of concern and proposed management of those health hazards.

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Our tailored Forklift Driver Evaluation is designed to physically assess your staff who operate forklifts or reach trucks. Our practitioners will take the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of the duties. Our highly trained team will come to your worksite and gain a full understanding of driver’s role and ensure duties specific testing is completed.

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Supervisor Education Program

Give your frontline management real world, essential injury management skills. Save money by preventing and strategically navigating workplace injuries in your business. Comprising of 3 modules, each module contains interactive classroom activities.

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Work Health and Safety Consulting

Summit Industry Health can offer Work Health and Safety consulting services provided by an experienced team member with WHS certification and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. 

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Working at Heights Evaluation

Our tailored Working at Heights Evaluation is designed to physically assess your staff who work at heights. Our practitioners will take the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of the duties required to ensure task specific testing occurs. Don’t wait for an incident or injury to occur before you decide act. 

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SUMMIT Industry Health genuinely cares about your workforce. We believe healthy happy workers contribute to positive and productive work-sites. Invest in your most precious resource, your team.

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