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Customisable Proactive Programs
Premium Reduction Solutions

We are passionate about proactive workplace solutions, that is why our Customisable Proactive Programs are designed around your business needs and budget. Turn your business from a injury reactive to injury proactive with a team that supports you. Make informed evidence based decisions about the health and safety of your team.

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Over 50% of WorkCover claims in Australia are musculoskeletal injuries, our programs can help your business reduce that risk. We will help you improve your workforce engagement and retention through creating a health focused proactive injury management culture in your team. Team up with someone who has a track record of getting results.

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Risk Reduction Solutions

Our Business Solutions will help you reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries in your team. We will help you identify and develop targeted solutions to the health risks your currently face in your business. Evolve from reactive to proactive and preventative.

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Injury Hotspot Solutions

When you team up with us we will help you to identify the injury hotspot areas within your business and develop targeted solutions and strategies to address those areas. Track exactly where, how and what type of injuries are occurring within your workplace. Reported injuries are often just the tip of your iceberg.

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Assessing Ongoing Job Suitability
Hiring the Right People Solutions

A healthy workplace has a duty of care to ensure the health and well-being of their workforce. Don’t run the risk of an aggravation or new injury in an individual who may not be able to physically perform their role. Create a safe work culture that prioritise risk reduction.

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We are here to help you hire a healthy team. Our customisable comprehensive Pre-Employment Screen will thoroughly assess the candidate’s ability to perform the physical demands of the role. Our testing ensures that you’re placing the right candidates into the right roles. Increase productivity and reduce injuries through enlisting our Pre-Employment Screens.

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SUMMIT Industry Health genuinely cares about your workforce. We believe healthy happy workers contribute to positive and productive work-sites. Invest in your most precious resource, your team.

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