Ergonomic Assessment

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Ergonomic Assessment

Is your workforce suffering from neck, back or shoulder soreness from working at their station? Our Ergonomic Assessments are what you need to reduce musculoskeletal soreness and pain in your team. We will guide you and your team on the most ergonomic setup for their workstation and will leave them with the knowledge and information to be able to alter their workstation correctly themselves, should they move desks in the future.


Each team member will receive an individualised report of findings, corrections made on the day, recommendations and any further information required. We do not want repeat ergonomic assessment customers. We want to empower and educate individuals on their ideal work station ergonomics and how to achieve it.


Stop preventable injuries.

Receive actionable recommendations.

Become empowered, not reliant.

Don't allow your team to work in pain.


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Who performs the assessment

Our highly qualified AHPRA registered musculoskeletal health practitioners will come to you and your worksite. With extensive experience in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries, our practitioners understand that prevention is the best treatment therefore will leave you and your team with the tools to set up and maintain the ergonomics of your workstation.


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Assessments performed by an Allied Health professional


Help increase productivity whilst reducing potential risk

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Personalised reports detailing all corrections made and recommendations

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