Health and Wellness Check-Up

Health and Wellness Check-Up

Helping healthy workplaces reach their pinnacle

A Health and Wellness Check-Up is a service every worker will want. They will receive a thorough Health and Wellness Check-up whilst at work with a personalised take home report of their results. The individual’s personalised medical health and information will remain confidential, unless otherwise specified by the individual, with the business receiving an overall generalised summary of findings of their workforce. This report will provide you with de-identified data in order to gain an understanding of the overall health of your most valuable asset, your team. 


Summit Industry Heath trained practitioners will take a worker through the following assessment tests: Physical Examination, Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose Levels, Total Blood Cholesterol, Percentage Body Fat, Cholesterol Profile, Cardiac Risk Ratio, Diabetes Risk Ratio, Abdominal Strength Testing and Stability, Aerobic Fitness Assessment, Hip to Waist Percentage, Peak Expiratory Flow Test and Pulse Oximetry.


Catch health problems in your workforce before it catches up to you.



Reduce risks with targeted health campaigns.

Establish a health baseline for future initiatives.

Quickly and cost effectively obtain real actionable results.

Who performs the assessment

Our friendly qualified staff will help guide you and your team through the Health and Wellness Assessment process. We are here to help healthy workplaces reach their pinnacle.


A comprehensive individual health and wellness check-up takes approximately15- 20 minutes, this is dependent on selected tests.


For entire workforce check-ups, we can assess around 20 staff members per day.


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Empower your workforce to make positive lifestyle changes

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Receive de-identified global workforce information to make informed and targeted health and wellbeing strategies


Help your employees to learn more about their current health

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