Hiring the Right People Solutions

Helping you hire a healthy team

Hiring the Right People Solutions

We are here to help you hire a healthy team. Our customisable comprehensive Pre-Employment Screen will thoroughly assess the candidate’s ability to perform the physical demands of the role. We take a thorough medical history, this includes a record of previous injuries or illnesses. We routinely perform role specific testing including upper limb strength, lower limb strength, core resistance and symmetry muscle testing. We also perform manual joint movements to determine strength, mobility, laxity, stability and presence of any dysfunction or underlying abnormality.


We can also additionally complete the following specialised tests upon request: Drug and Alcohol Testing, Specialised Orthopaedic Tests, Lung Peak Expiratory Flow Test, Baseline Hearing Testing, Visual Acuity, Colour Vision Analysis, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and can refer for Chest X-rays. All of which will help you streamline your recruiting process and help you make the best decision for the candidate and your business.


A fast and easy way to streamline your recruiting process that saves you time and money.

Increase productivity and reduce injuries by placing the right candidates into the right roles.

Take a proactive and preventative approach to reducing injuries in your business.

A customisable approach means we can tailor a screen to suit your industry requirements and budget.


Who performs the assessment

Our highly trained and AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Association) qualified musculoskeletal specialist practitioners will analyse and assess the physical demands of the roles within your business prior to the screening process to ensure all testing is tailored to the demands of the various roles available. Pre-Employment Screens make great business sense.


A comprehensive pre-employment screening assessment takes approximately15- 30 minutes depending on industry tests conducted.

As we come to your business you will receive immediate feedback following the Pre-Employment Screen along with a detailed report of findings the next day.

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Ensure you are hiring the right candidates for the right roles

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Take a highly proactive approach to reducing injuries

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All Pre-Employment Screens are performed onsite with a detailed report provided the following business day

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