Premium Reduction Solutions

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Premium Reduction Solutions

Does it feel as though your WorkCover or Income Protection premiums out of control? Take back that control by teaming up with someone who has a track record in getting results. Over 50% of WorkCover claims in Australia are musculoskeletal injuries, our programs can help your business reduce that risk. We will help you improve your workforce engagement and retention through creating a health focused proactive injury management culture in your team.


You will receive a tailored premium reduction solution to address your business goals that will also remain within your budget. There is no one size fits all approach with us. That is why we get results.


Take back the control of your WorkCover premiums.

Reduce the number of preventable musculoskeletal injuries.

Team up with someone who has a track record of getting results.

Increase your team’s productivity and the number of individuals working their full role.

Return on your investment guarantee

Our programs are not just a nice to have, we get results. That is why if you do not see an improvement from your current historical WorkCover claims profile, we will refund the cost of our trial. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.


We will tailor a program to your business needs , goals and budget. We understand that each business and worksite is unique, that is why we customise our programs to suit you.

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Tailored program to your business needs, goals and budget


Professional, data driven and outcome focused client attentive approach

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Get the right information form an industry leader and an experienced workers' compensation professional

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