Preventative Stretching Program

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Preventative Stretching Program

Our Warm Up and Stretching Program is designed to ensure your team is warmed up and ready to safely undertake their physical role. Over 50% of WorkCover claims in Australia are musculoskeletal injuries, our program can help your business reduce that risk.  Ensure you staff are focused on moving correctly and conducting their role safely.


We will help you to create a positive safe work culture amongst your team. Each of your departments will receive a customised stretching program tailored to their roles.  Your staff will be educated and empowered to make proactive positive steps. Healthy, happy workers are more productive and have less days absent from work. Implement this fast and easy program now.


Ensure your staff are ready to safely undertake a physical role.

Decrease the risk of preventable costly injuries.

Increase the focus and ability to undertake correct manual handling techniques.


Create a safe work culture that prioritise risk reduction.

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Who delivers the program

Our highly qualified AHPRA registered allied health practitioners will come to you and your worksite. With a minimum of 5 years of tertiary study and multiple years of on-site experience, we understand the impact and cost a workplace injury can have on an individual and an organisation.

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Our proactive stretching program can be completed in as little as 20 minutes per department.

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Ideal for group sizes of 10 to 25 individuals

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Take a proactive step to reduce workplace injuries

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Help to decrease the risk of preventable costly injuries

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