Risk Assessment and Hazard Management

Risk and Hazard Assessment

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Our Risk Assessment and Hazard Management Programs are what your business needs to take a proactive approach to work place risk and injuries. Our comprehensive program involves our highly trained musculoskeletal health professionals coming to your site to observe and compose data whilst your team perform their duties. Once completed, you will receive a detailed report identifying any roles or duties of concern and proposed management of those health hazards, helping you to create a health focused positive work culture.


The following is an example of what our report will detail: Frequency of a task, repetitions of a task, physical demands of a task on the whole body, potential areas of risk, hazard and risk management strategies.


Understand the true physical demands of each role.



Gain insight from a highly qualified experienced musculoskeletal health practitioner.



Reduce risk in your business and create a happier, healthier culture.



Identify potential hazards and gain practical experience based guidance to help reduce those risks.

Who performs the assessment

Our highly trained and AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Association) qualified musculoskeletal specialist practitioners will take the time to gain a full understanding of the employee’s role and its physical demands. With a minimum of 5 years of tertiary study and multiple years of on-site experience, we are here to help identify the potential risks and hazards your workforce are may be exposed to.


A comprehensive assessment can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes with a detailed report provided to you and your business in a timely manner.


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