Suitable for Duties Assessment

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Suitable for Duties Assessment

A Suitable for Duties Assessment is a concise and effective assessment in order to determine the suitability for a worker returning to work after a personal injury or when transferring into a more physically demanding role. This assessment can take around 15 minutes to complete, with the report provided the following day.

Whilst similar to our Pre-Employment Screen, our Suitable for Duties Assessment is for an individual already employed with the assessment tailored to their role and the physical demands involved. This information will aid you and your business to make the best decision with regards to supporting the health of your team member.


Make the best decision with regards to the health and safety of your employee.


Receive a post assessment report outlining clear recommendations.

We save you time and money by coming to your worksite.

Reduce your business' risk of preventable musculoskeletal injuries.

Who performs the assessment

Our highly qualified musculoskeletal practitioners will take the time to gain a full understanding of the employee’s role and its physical demands. We are here to help you make the best decision with regards to the health of your employee.


A comprehensive suitable for duties assessment takes approximately15- 30 minutes depending on industry tests conducted.


Please contact us today for more information and to discuss your situation. 

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Ensure your employee is fit and safe to return to their role after an injury

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Make the best decision with regards to the health and safety of your employee

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Performed onsite with a detailed report provided within 24 hours

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