Supervisor Education Program

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Supervisor Education Program

Our Supervisor Education Program is a ‘classroom’ based program. It is designed to give your front line management real world, essential injury management skills. Learn what to do to prevent injuries and the smartest steps once an injury has occurred. A predictive and proactive approach is the best way to safeguard your business and your team.


Your front line managers have the choice to either have a positive or negative influence on a workplace injury. Which one does your team currently choose?


Get the injury management skills your business needs to reduce workplace risk.

Save money by preventing and strategically navigating workplace injuries in your business.

Simplify and streamline your injury reporting pathway.

Know when a team member is displaying signs of soreness or injury and what to do next.

Who performs the program

Our highly professional and friendly registered musculoskeletal practitioners will deliver this essential program.  Our staff hold CERT IV in Training and Assessment, so rest assured the message will be clear and simple to understand. Call us today on 1300 429 164 if you would like further information or to discuss your situation.

Go Team

The Supervisor Education Program is comprised of 3 modules.

Each module takes 1 hour and contains interactive classroom activities. You can customise this program and offer 1 module or all 3 for your front line management.


Modules are for class sizes of between 5 and 15. 


Learn from our friendly WorkCover trained staff. 

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Give your front line staff the tools to succeed

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Help improve workplace culture

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Ideal for group sizes of up to 15 individuals

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