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Forklift Driver Evaluation

Our tailored Forklift Driver Evaluation is designed to physically assess your staff who operate forklifts or reach trucks. Our practitioners will take the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of the duties required to ensure task specific testing occurs. We understand the importance of ensuring that your forklift drivers, and other team members, remain safe.


We routinely complete the following specialised tests upon request: Height, Weight, BMI, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Cardiac Risk Ratios, Diabetic Risk Ratio, Objective Strength Testing, Comprehensive Physical Assessment, Hearing Testing, Visual Acuity and Colour Vision Analysis. Don’t wait for an incident or injury to occur before you decide to assess the health and safety of individuals working with forklifts.


Decrease the risk of preventable injuries.

Decrease the risk of unsafe movements and practices.

Create a culture that values safe work practices.

Stop preventable WorkCover premium increases.

Who performs the assessment

Our highly qualified AHPRA registered musculoskeletal health practitioners will come to you and your worksite to perform our Forklift Driver Evaluation. With a minimum of 5 years of tertiary study and multiple years of on-site experience, we understand the impact and cost a workplace injury can have on an individual and an organisation.


Subject to the optional testing involved, our comprehensive Forklift Driver Evaluation can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.

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Help to ensure the safety of those working in and around forklifts

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Gain the information to make the best decisions for the safety of your team

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Performed onsite with a detailed report provided within 24 hours

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