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Onsite Treatment and Advice
Pre-Employment Screens

The convenience of receiving regular treatment for your team at your worksite is second to none. Reduce time lost, create a health focused culture whilst maintaining business objectives. Onsite treatment makes great business sense. Invest today in your most valuable asset, your team.

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The comprehensive Summit Industry Health Pre-Employment Screen will extensively test the candidate’s physical ability to perform the inherent requirements of the role they have applied for. A comprehensive Pre-Employment Screen takes approximately 15- 30 minutes.

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Functional Capacity Evaluation

Do you have a team member who is unable to perform their full role due to concerns for their health and safety or a team member who has a terminated Worker’s Compensation claim? We evaluate your staff member in approximately 3 hours and provide you a comprehensive evidence based report, with straight forward recommendations.

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Suitable for Duties Assessment

A Suitable for Duties Assessment is a concise and effective assessment in order to determine the suitability for a worker returning to work after a personal injury or when transferring into a more physically demanding role. This assessment can take around 15 minutes to complete, with the report provided the following day.

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Functional Movement Screen
Health and Wellness Check-Up

The Functional Movement Screen is a series of standardised tests to evaluate an individual’s global movement patterns and abilities. You can assess a small group or quickly assess an entire workforce for potential risk of future injury with assessments taking as little as 15 minutes to complete.

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Your team will receive a thorough medical check-up whilst at work. Establish a health baseline for future initiatives with assessments taking as little as 15 minutes. Catch health problems in your workforce before it catches up to you.

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Supervisor Education Program

Give your frontline management real world, essential injury management skills. Save money by preventing and strategically navigating workplace injuries in your business. Comprising of 3 modules, each module contains interactive classroom activities.

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SUMMIT Industry Health genuinely cares about your workforce. We believe healthy happy workers contribute to positive and productive work-sites. Invest in your most precious resource, your team.

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