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Helping your team to be pain free

The Summit Industry Health provide both in person and virtual ergonomic assessments. Whether it is an office workstation, production floor computer or a vehicle setup, we are here to help. 



Summit Industry Health Ergonomic Assessments will help to ensure each team member's workstation is set up safely and to their unique specifications. Following the assessment a report will contain before and after workstation pictures and will identify any workstation setup issues. The report will contain the workstation recommendations and corrections made during the assessment. The Summit Industry Health practitioner will also provide best practice postural advice to each individual.


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The Summit Industry Health Ergonomic Assessments can be performed in person or virtually, for those team members working remotely.

The ergonomic assessments will include the following:

Background information
Medical status and discussion
Vocational status and discussion
Workstation review and corrections
Working postural review and recommendations Additional equipment recommendations (if applicable) Individualised report provided following the assessment.

Our Clients

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