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Manual Handling

Helping healthy workplaces reach their pinnacle

The Summit Industry Health Manual Handling Training is as far from an online click through training as you can get. Our training is interactive, engaging and practical.



Summit Industry Health provides interactive, educational, and customisable manual handling training at your worksite to safeguard your workforce and meet legislative requirements. Our team members are trained Presenter and Assessors and have Occupational Health and Safety qualifications to ensure the highest quality in delivery.


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The Summit Industry Health Manual Handling Training offers two modules:

1. Classroom based Manual Handling Training and
2. Duties Specific Practical Training


Classroom Training

The classroom training is a comprehensive and interactive 1 hour program that encourages participant involvement. To ensure maximum participation from the attendees, maximum class sizes of 15 is recommended.


Duties Specific Manual Handling Training

This 30 minute module involves providing recommendations and advice specific to each employee, and role within the designated small groups. We assess them whilst they perform their daily tasks and provide advice and assistance specific to the challenges of each role. This empowers your workforce to make the positive changes to their manual handling habits as they work.

Our Clients

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