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Functional Capacity Evaluation
Fitness For Work

Helping you sustain a healthy team

A healthy workplace has a duty of care to ensure the health and well-being of their workforce. That is why it is so important to understand whether a team member can safely perform their full duties without an increased risk to their health and safety.



Do you have a team member who is unable to perform their full role due to concerns for their health and safety? Did they sustain an injury outside work and want to come back to work after having time off? Whether it be a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) or Fitness For Work Assessment, we will take into account their current position description, inherent tasks associated and provide a thorough physical assessment to assess the safety and sustainability of that team member performing those duties.


Functional Capacity Evaluation

A highly detailed and extensive report will be provided in a timely manner with clear and concise evidence based findings and straight forward recommendations.

We travel directly to you and take the time to gain a complete understanding of the team member's role and the physical demands involved.

Summit Industry Health are leaders in performing Functional Capacity Evaluations and can help by comprehensively assessing your worker to determine their suitability to perform the inherent requirements of their role.

Fitness For Work

A Fitness For Work Assessment is a concise and effective assessment in order to determine the suitability for a worker returning to work after a personal injury or when transferring into a more physically demanding role. 

Whilst similar to our Pre-Employment Screen, our Fitness For Work Assessment is for an individual already employed with the assessment tailored to their role and the physical demands involved. This information will aid you and your business to make the best decision with regards to supporting the health of your team member.


Positive Outcomes

Ensure your team can perform the inherent requirements of their roles. Our highly qualified musculoskeletal practitioners will take the time to gain a full understanding of the employee’s role and its physical demands. We are here to help you make the best decision with regards to the health of your employee.

Our Clients

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